Restless Mountain

Restless Mountains is a background set-up for the pilates equipment company BASI. Standing for Body Arts and Science International, their ideology is based on the substance of movement and balance. These two notions basically summarize not only natural life but also our daily routines. We are all in a never-ending motion and we are all trying to keep up the balance. Drawing inspiration from this essence, Restless Mountains aims to create a replication of the glaciers which are considered as the symbol of the world’s vanishing values that still keep on fighting. Restless Mountains is a hand-made structure made of one and only material: Paper. From the first impression, its surface looks solid, however, it is very naive. As a representation of pureness and wildness of nature, the paper consists of a certain kind of contrast in itself. It can be soft and yet sharp, fragile and yet tough. Even though it is durable, it can be dysfunctional when in touch with water. This is why it is as basic as any living being can be. This is why it is chosen as a means in order to go back to basics. Designed by Sebahat Karcı, Semih Duman, Yağmur Rüzgar.

Recent Projects

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